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Autism Support Group For Parents | Aurora IL

Parenting a child with autism is a challenging – yet rewarding – job. You’re not just mom or dad, you’re a teacher, advocate, therapist…and so much more! All parents worry about their children, but you face challenges with communication, social skills, behavior, and daily activities. 

We’re here to help. 

This group will offer parents a place to learn fundamental ABA core principles. 

  • Behavior Solutions 
  • Speech & Communication 
  • Social Skills 
  • Sensory Solutions 
  • Transitioning to Adulthood 
  • Picky Eating 
  • Executive Function & Motor Skills 
  • Education 
  • Dealing with Transitions 
  • Self-care for Parents 

No one understands the uniquely rewarding challenges of parenting a child with autism like another parent. With all the hats these parents have to wear- mom or dad, teacher, advocate, therapist, and more unique to your child- it’s natural to face a heightened degree of worry. 

While mothers of children with autism especially are at a heightened risk for symptoms of depression or anxiety (72.5% of women surveyed showed depression symptoms and 80.2% of women surveyed showed anxiety symptoms [1]), it takes a great toll on all parents. Support is made available to help carry some of the burdens.

We facilitate autism support groups for parents to feel supported and empowered through their families’ challenges. These groups are a place to learn fundamental ABA core principles, including:

  • Behavior and Sensory Solutions
  • Social Skills
  • Speech and Communication
  • Dealing with Transitions and Transitioning to Adulthood
  • Dealing with Picky Eating
  • Executive Function and Motor Skills
  • Education
  • Self-Care for Parents

These groups are indispensable sources of information but also of understanding. While learning fundamental skills that will help you effectively parent your child, find like-minded parents who understand your journey and struggles as no one else can. Learn from experts trained to teach you the tips and tricks of parenting a child with autism. You can also learn from your peers’ tried and true observations and experiences. Let them remind you that you’re not alone.

Parent support groups are essential to your daily life, helping you with every aspect of your parenting journey. Facilitated by professionals, you can rest easy knowing the information you’re being given is correct, safe, and backed by empirical data from the professionals. 

Find parents like you. While you are your child’s biggest support, you also need support. Parent groups provide a place to find that help and understanding.

All parents feel at some point as though they don’t know what they’re doing. This feeling can be amplified in parents of children with autism because watching your child go through a world not designed for them can be heartbreaking. Parent support groups are a safe place for trained professionals and people like you to grow, heal, and learn together. Contact us to find out more details on how to join a support group today.

Group fees are $50 per session. Pay in full, and only pay $550 for the 12-week session!

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