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We appreciate your interest in ABA services offered by Rise Up for Autism.

At Rise Up for Autism, our commitment lies in delivering focused and comprehensive ABA treatment, catering to families with children ages 2 to 6 years old. Based on individual clinical recommendations, our treatment hours can span from 17 to 40 hours per week.

We kindly expect families to adhere to the prescribed treatment hours when choosing our services. Additionally, our treatment approach prioritizes Parent/Caregiver Training, ensuring active involvement to enhance skill retention and application.

Our school-like setting is intended to provide young children with the school readiness skills necessary to succeed along in their journey. If you are interested in Enrolling Your Child at one of our Rise Up for Autism centers, please do so by completing the following form.

Also, if in the Enroll Your Child Page we can have a breakdown of our Enrollment Process, which I copied below:

Enrollment Process: Focus On Your Child's Journey

Step One: Initiating The Journey

Reach out to us! Our dedicated intake consultant will connect with you to initiate your family’s journey. This information helps our clinician staff prepare for your initial call, ensuring the best services for your child. Be prepared to share the following information when our intake consultant contacts you, or attach the necessary documents on the form below:

– Copy of insurance card (front and back)
– Assessment and diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder by a licensed medical professional received within the last 12-24 months
– If assessment and diagnosis are pending, our consultant will guide you to local professionals who can assist.

If we determine our services are not the best fit, we’ll provide guidance on more suitable resources for your child’s needs.

Step Two: Verifying Benefits

Our intake consultant will collaborate with your insurance company to confirm ABA therapy coverage. Within 2-5 business days, they will communicate the summary of eligible benefits to you. This includes clarifying deductibles, co-payments, and out-of-pocket maximums for a transparent financial outlook.

Step Three: Initiating Assessment

This is a two-step process. Our Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) will initiate the assessment request with your insurance provider. After approval, our BCBA and Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) team will conduct an assessment in-center. This assessment shapes a personalized treatment plan for your child, outlining skills, goals, and therapy expectations. The customized treatment plan will be discussed with your family.

Step Four: Insurance Approval

Our intake consultant submits the necessary documents, including the medical professional assessment and the customized treatment plan, to your insurance provider for treatment authorization. This process typically takes 2-4 weeks.

Step Five: Embarking On The Journey

Once insurance authorization is received, your child’s journey begins. We’ll coordinate the optimal start date. Your child’s support team comprises a BCBA and RBT, ensuring a comprehensive approach to success.

We look forward to having you start your journey with us!


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