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ABA Communication Skills Training in Chicago & the Surrounding Suburbs

Rise Up For Autism offers 1:1 ABA therapy to enhance communication skills across Chicago and its suburbs, helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) improve their ability to communicate and connect with those around them.

Rise Up For Autism

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Premier ABA Communication Skills Training in Chicago


At Rise Up For Autism, we are committed to improving children’s communication and language skills through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, serving Chicago, Joliet, Aurora, and Tinley Park. Our expert team uses systematic and evidence-based ABA techniques to help develop essential communicative and social language skills to improve a child's quality of life. This early intervention therapy will focus on helping your child engage in conversations, follow instructions, describe what’s around them, and socialize with their peers.

  • RBT Certified Therapists

  • 100+ Families Helped

  • Proud Partner of Joliet School District 86

  • Free Consultation

  • Flexible Full Time and Part-Time Therapy Options

About Us

Steps Towards ABA Communication Skills Training

Our therapy program is designed specifically for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder aged 2-6. We offer individualized and comprehensive ABA therapy, designed to give your child 1:1 compassionate care. Here is how we can get you started:

Initial Consultation

We start with a thorough consultation to understand your child's needs and family goals.

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Benefit Check

We will explain your insurance benefits and discuss payment options, so everything is clear from the start.

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Our clinicians assess your child’s cognitive, social, and emotional skills to identify specific needs.

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We begin comprehensive ABA therapy sessions, designed to develop crucial communication skills.

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Does Communication Skills Training for Autism Work?

Yes, using ABA therapy to improve your child’s communication is incredibly effective! It works by breaking large and complex goals into smaller and more achievable skills that are targeted for increase, such as:

  • Expressing needs by requesting items;
  • Naming, labeling, or describing things;
  • Engaging in reciprocal conversations;
  • Understanding and following instructions;
  • Using sign language or communication devices if needed;
  • Socializing appropriately with peers.

Improvements in these skills often lead to reduced challenging behaviors, as children have communication tools to express their needs and wants.

Our Approach to ABA Communication Skills Training

At Rise Up For Autism, we personalize our therapy to meet each child's unique needs. Here is what we do:

Individualized Therapy Plans

Each plan clearly indicates what the communication challenges are, where the child should be for their age, and a plan to help them achieve this!

Focus on Functional Communication

We develop skills for daily use, ensuring effective interaction with the environment.

Collaborative Team Effort

Our BCBAs and RBTs work closely with families and educators to ensure a unified approach.

Ongoing Assessment and Adaptation

We regularly adjust our strategies based on the child’s progress.

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Start your child’s success story today! Enroll now for transformative growth at Rise Up For Autism.

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What Makes Us Different?

Early Intervention

We believe in the power of early intervention and provide therapy to children aged 2-6 to maximize their developmental success.

Center-Based Therapy

Our centers are designed to create the best learning environment, with a mix of structured routine and social activities.

1:1 Sessions

Personalized attention in 1:1 sessions tailors therapy to each child’s needs.

Qualified BCBAs and RBTs

Our dedicated and qualified team delivers compassionate, effective care.

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Ready to Sign Up?

Start your child’s success story today! Enroll now for transformative growth at Rise Up For Autism.

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Our Families Love Us


My child has benefited greatly from the ABA therapy program offered by Rise Up for Autism in Chicago. The center's caring and organized approach, along with the team's competence, have equipped my 6-year-old with the necessary tools for success.

Deuzt C.


Rise Up for Autism's team has been an extraordinary asset to our family. They deliver exceptional ABA therapy and have facilitated remarkable progress in our son's communication and social abilities.

Bonnie B.


Choosing to start our child at Rise Up for Autism for ABA therapy was the best decision we made. The personalized therapy plans, caring staff, and a welcoming atmosphere have made a significant impact on our child's growth. We are very grateful.

Liam S.


Rise Up for Autism's center-based facility in Chicago is highly recommended. For my three-year-old, it offers the ideal educational setting, and the therapists are not only highly qualified experts but also show a great deal of empathy and understanding.

Eric F.


Our experience with Rise Up for Autism has been truly exceptional. The dedication of the staff, the personalized approach to therapy, and the progress our child has made are beyond remarkable. We couldn't be happier with the support and care they provide.

Page A.


Our journey with Rise Up for Autism has been great! The therapists' dedication to our child's unique needs is evident and we've witnessed remarkable progress. We look forward to what's ahead!

Dennis G.


Chicago's Rise Up for Autism is fantastic! The counselors are skilled and compassionate. For my 4-year-old, the setting—which is comparable to school—has been beneficial. I value their commitment to assisting kids.

Gary G.


I'm really happy about Rise Up for Autism in Chicago! The therapists are doing a wonderful job treating my 6-year-old daughter, and I can tell that she is making progress in areas that will be important when she starts school.

Mary M.


My child has benefited greatly from the ABA therapy program offered by Rise Up for Autism in Chicago. My 6-year-old has all the tools he needs to achieve thanks to the team's experience and the center's organized, caring attitude.

King P.


Chicago's Rise Up for Autism is amazing! My three-year-old is in a friendly environment thanks to the kind personnel. The center's emphasis on tailored programs and an environment akin to a school has helped my child's progress.

Carla F.


Leading Experts in Communications Training

Dr. Carly Lapin

Dr. Carly Lapin


Kelly Finnegan

Kelly Finnegan

Co-Founder, Director of Business Administration

Anna Pajor

Anna Pajor

Director of Human Resources, SPHR

Jennifer Vorce

Jennifer Vorce

Regional Clinical Director, BCBA, M.Ed.

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Serving Families Throughout Illinois

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Take the first step to enhance your child's communication skills. Join Rise Up For Autism today and see the difference!

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