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ABA-Based School Readiness Program in Chicago & Surrounding Suburbs

Rise Up For Autism provides personalized ABA therapy to promote school readiness in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We focus on preparing your child for a successful transition into school using evidence-based strategies and a structured learning environment.

Rise Up For Autism

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Our Premier ABA School Readiness Program in Chicago


At Rise Up For Autism, we prepare children ages 2-6 for their educational future by providing therapy in a setting that mirrors a traditional school environment. In our school readiness program for children with autism in Chicago, Joliet, Aurora, and Tinley Park, social activities occur throughout the day such as circle time, music, art, and dance but each child has a 1:1 therapist who focuses on teaching children crucial academic, social, and communication skills which are the pre-requisites to be successful in a school setting. Utilizing proven Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques, several skills are taught such as attending, engagement in group activities, turn-taking, and more, ensuring each child is prepared to thrive in their educational journey.

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About Us

Steps Towards ABA School Readiness Program

Help your child move forward in their education with our dedicated school readiness services, designed to prepare children with autism for traditional schooling through personalized and effective group and 1:1 ABA therapy sessions.

Initial Consultation

Start with a comprehensive consultation to discuss your child’s developmental needs and educational goals.

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We review your insurance coverage, helping you understand your benefits and go over payment options and financial support.

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Our therapists conduct a detailed assessment of your child's current academic, social, and emotional skills.

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Based on the results of the assessment, we begin individualized ABA therapy sessions. These sessions focus on developing necessary school readiness skills and academic basics.

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What Is School Readiness?

School readiness refers to the stage at which a child is prepared to enter and succeed in a formal school environment. It encompasses a broad range of skills and attributes, including basic knowledge (like letters and numbers), social skills (such as the ability to make friends and cooperate with others), emotional maturity (being able to manage emotions and behaviors), physical skills (like fine motor skills), and the capacity for independence (such as self-care abilities).

We know that developing school readiness skills is among the most common goals for parents of children with autism. That’s why Rise Up’s ABA therapy focuses on preparing children for the transition to a traditional classroom experience. This form of therapy utilizes the principles of behavior analysis to teach social, academic, self-care, and behavioral skills necessary for success in a classroom setting.

Necessary School-Ready Skills for Children with Autism

Key components of ABA programs for school readiness might include:

Attending to Group Instruction

Preparing children to follow group instructions and helping them identify when these instructions apply to them.


Familiarizing children with frequent and occasionally abrupt transitions between activities and locations that they are likely to experience in a typical classroom.

Social Skills

Teaching children how to interact with peers and adults, share, take turns, and participate in group activities such as circle time, music, art, and dance. This is crucial for forming relationships and working collaboratively in school.

Communication Skills

Enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication abilities, including understanding and using language effectively in a school context.

Emotional Self Regulation

Teaching children emotional regulation strategies and coping techniques, which is essential for engaging in non-preferred activities that occur in school.

Academic Foundations

Introducing basic academic skills, such as labeling items like colors, numbers, and shapes, following instructions, and task completion, to prepare for formal learning.

Routine and Structure

Teaching children to understand and adapt to the structured routines of a school day, including tolerance to academic tasks and managing their time effectively.

Independence Skills

Encouraging self-care and independence, such as dressing, eating, and toileting, to foster autonomy and confidence.

Our Approach to ABA School Readiness Training

Our approach to ABA school readiness training is to ensure that each child is fully prepared to enter school with confidence and the skills necessary to succeed. Here is how we structure our program:

Individualized Planning

We begin by assessing each child’s specific needs to create a personalized training plan. This plan targets key areas such as communication, social interaction, and basic academic skills, tailored to the child's developmental level and learning style.

Comprehensive Skill Building

Our program focuses on developing a wide range of skills crucial for school success. This includes following directions, participating in group activities, understanding classroom routines, and managing self-care tasks independently.

Behavioral Strategies

Using evidence-based ABA therapy techniques, we address behavioral challenges that may hinder classroom learning. Techniques such as positive reinforcement are used to encourage desirable behaviors and minimize challenges.

Parent and Caregiver Involvement

We actively involve parents and caregivers in the process, providing them with the tools and strategies to support their child’s learning and development at home. This collaboration enhances the effectiveness of our program and helps maintain consistency across different environments.

Real-World Preparation

Our training includes activities that mimic real classroom settings, such as circle time and structured play, to help children adjust to the school environment. This hands-on approach helps children become comfortable with school-like routines and expectations.

Continuous Evaluation and Support

We continuously monitor each child’s progress and adjust our strategies as needed. This ongoing support ensures that children are always moving forward and are ready to overcome any new challenges.

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What Makes Us Different?

Early Intervention

As experts recommend, we start working with children at a young age to maximize developmental gains across all domains — cognitive, social, and motor skills.

Center-Based Therapy

Our facilities are designed to optimize the therapeutic experience, providing an environment that enhances learning through structure and peer interaction.

1:1 Sessions

We offer individualized 1:1 sessions that allow for personalized attention and therapy tailored specifically to each child's needs.

Qualified BCBAs and RBTs

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians are not only qualified but are deeply committed to delivering compassionate and effective care.

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Ready to Sign Up?

Start your child's success story today! Sign up now to take the first step to getting your little one ready for their next educational steps.

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Our Families Love Us


My child has benefited greatly from the ABA therapy program offered by Rise Up for Autism in Chicago. The center's caring and organized approach, along with the team's competence, have equipped my 6-year-old with the necessary tools for success.

Deuzt C.


Rise Up for Autism's team has been an extraordinary asset to our family. They deliver exceptional ABA therapy and have facilitated remarkable progress in our son's communication and social abilities.

Bonnie B.


Choosing to start our child at Rise Up for Autism for ABA therapy was the best decision we made. The personalized therapy plans, caring staff, and a welcoming atmosphere have made a significant impact on our child's growth. We are very grateful.

Liam S.


Rise Up for Autism's center-based facility in Chicago is highly recommended. For my three-year-old, it offers the ideal educational setting, and the therapists are not only highly qualified experts but also show a great deal of empathy and understanding.

Eric F.


Our experience with Rise Up for Autism has been truly exceptional. The dedication of the staff, the personalized approach to therapy, and the progress our child has made are beyond remarkable. We couldn't be happier with the support and care they provide.

Page A.


Our journey with Rise Up for Autism has been great! The therapists' dedication to our child's unique needs is evident and we've witnessed remarkable progress. We look forward to what's ahead!

Dennis G.


Chicago's Rise Up for Autism is fantastic! The counselors are skilled and compassionate. For my 4-year-old, the setting—which is comparable to school—has been beneficial. I value their commitment to assisting kids.

Gary G.


I'm really happy about Rise Up for Autism in Chicago! The therapists are doing a wonderful job treating my 6-year-old daughter, and I can tell that she is making progress in areas that will be important when she starts school.

Mary M.


My child has benefited greatly from the ABA therapy program offered by Rise Up for Autism in Chicago. My 6-year-old has all the tools he needs to achieve thanks to the team's experience and the center's organized, caring attitude.

King P.


Chicago's Rise Up for Autism is amazing! My three-year-old is in a friendly environment thanks to the kind personnel. The center's emphasis on tailored programs and an environment akin to a school has helped my child's progress.

Carla F.


Leading Experts in School Readiness Training

Dr. Carly Lapin

Dr. Carly Lapin


Kelly Finnegan

Kelly Finnegan

Co-Founder, Director of Business Administration

Anna Pajor

Anna Pajor

Director of Human Resources, SPHR

Jennifer Vorce

Jennifer Vorce

Regional Clinical Director, BCBA, M.Ed.

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