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Focusing on your family's specialized needs

in-Home Potty Training is available for those parents frustrated and/or overwhelmed with the potty training process and who need an extra hand! Our In-Home Potty Training program:

  • Works with you and your child to meet your goals
  • Provides guidance, materials, and demonstrations on how to implement potty training techniques
  • Advice about how to implement and encourage positive potty habits at home
  • Provides education about appropriate expectations
  • Offers one week of unlimited follow-up via phone, email, or text for  any additional questions, support, or encouragement during the potty training process!
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Rise Up For Autism offers In-Home Potty Training because we understand how difficult and confusing the process can be for your family. Your child may be scared or frustrated by the idea of potty training because of changers to their environment or routine, causing resistance and fear. We know it’s hard to see your child go through this, even though you know how necessary of a skill potty training is.

The average age for children with autism successfully using toilets is 3.3 years old, as compared to 1.5 years to 2.5 years in other children. So although it may feel like you’re doing something wrong because your child with autism is potty training later than their peers, this is to be expected!

We’re here to help you face these challenges with our In-Home Potty Training program. After assessment of needs and goals is completed, we provide individualized advice, positive guidance, feedback, and reinforcement tailored to your child and family. We also offer guidance, materials, and demonstrations on how to implement potty training techniques at home with your child. Additionally, after you and your child have completed our program, we offer one week of unlimited follow-up to answer any questions, or offer support and encouragement!

Based on your family’s needs, we offer two specialized potty training programs. Learners and their family will be assessed by an expert team member, and a program will be chose. We know that each learner is different and has various familial demands, so assessing every family is vital to the success of the program. It is also best practice to utilize a program that the family will be able to do consistently when the therapist or BCBA is not in the home. 

The two different individualized programs offered are:

  • Intensive Training Program (Azrine and Foxx): This intensive program is designed for fast-paced toilet training. It is empirically based and has shown results in as short of time as one day. This program is intensive, uses positive behavior support and delay to reinforcers, and requires a dedicated amount of time in one area of the environment (where the toilet is located) This program also requires increasing the need to toilet, so your child’s favorite drinks will be given frequently. The Intensive Training Program requires consistency and one-on-one direct implementation. 
  • Parent Training Toilet Program: This program helps parents learn the procedures for toilet training, including using positive behavior supports and reinforcers. Parents will learn how to schedule toilet training, as well as be able to observe a Behavior Technician or BCBA implement the training program. 

$1000.00 – Enroll by September 1, 2022 & pay only $600!